Accommodating, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, 121–122

After-action reviews (AARs), teams, 129

Agenda for personal learning, 1–29

about, vii, viii, 1–2, 29

conference planning, 152–153

Four Stages of Learning, 2–5, 85–86

knowledge and awareness, 7–19

learning methods, employer-supported, 20–28

managers as partner is learning, 5–7

self-directed, 2–5

summarize and prioritize agenda, 17–19

Alternatives, imaging and exploring, 70–73

Analysis paralysis, Internet use, 147–148

Apply your learning at conferences, 158–160

Apprenticing, 24

Asking questions, 99–112

about, vii, ix, 99–101, 112

asking yourself questions, 105–106

closed questions, 102–103

company jargon, 101–102

empowering questions, 108–110

exploratory questions, 110–112

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