Chapter 20. Using Fastlane’s Tools

Fastlane contains a number of useful tools for automating development. In this chapter, we’ll be taking a close look at the most important components in the Fastlane collection, and how you can use them.

In particular, we’ll be looking at the following tools:

  • match, which manages your code signing setup, making it easier to deal with code signing across multiple computers and multiple team members

  • snapshot, which automates the creation of preview screenshots for the App Store

  • deliver, which submits your application to the App Store, as well as managing the contents of your app’s page

In the examples in this chapter, we’ll be looking at these tools in action using the Selfiegram app that we built in Part II and Part III; however, if you have your own project to use, the examples will work just as well with that. In all cases, we’ll assume that you’ve already set up your project for use with Fastlane, by following the steps in “Setting Up a Project”.

Code Signing with match

match is a tool that manages the code signing setup for your application. In order to discuss what match does, we have to first briefly chat about what code signing is, and how you’d go about doing it without match.

The Problem That Match Solves

In order to run on a device, your code must be signed with a certificate endorsed by Apple. If the code’s not signed, Xcode will refuse to install it—and even if it did manage to get installed on the ...

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