finger—displays information about local and remote users

finger [-lmsp] [user …] [user@host …]

By default, the finger command displays information about each logged-in user, including login name, full name, terminal name (prepended with a * if write permission is denied), idle time, login time, and location if known.

Example A.28.
% finger
					Login     Name           Tty  Idle  Login Time   Office
					Office Phone
					ellie     Ellie Quigley   p0  1:06  Oct 19 11:41 (:0.0)
					ellie     Ellie Quigley   p1        Oct 19 16:37 (:0.0)
					ellie     Ellie Quigley   p2        Oct 19 16:45 (:0.0)

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