11.2. Reading User Input

11.2.1. The $< Variable

To make a script interactive, a special TC shell variable is used to read standard input into a variable. The $< symbol reads a word from standard input up to the first white space but not including the newline, and assigns the word to a variable. By placing $< in double quotes (or parentheses)[1], a whole line is read, not including the newline.

[1] The C shell does not rerquire double quotes around the $< variable to read a whole line.

Example 11.4.
(The Script - greeting)
   #!/bin/tcsh -f
   # The greeting script
1  echo -n  "What is your name? "
2  set name = "$<"
3  echo Greetings to you, $name.

(The Command Line)
   > chmod +x greeting
   > greeting
1  What is your name?
						Dan Savage
3  Greetings to you, ...

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