Reading in CSV data from a file

Let's consider a simple CSV file, which we will return to later, named iris.csv (available here: This CSV file includes four float columns of flower measurements and a string column with the corresponding flower species:

$ head iris.csv 5.1,3.5,1.4,0.2,Iris-setosa4.9,3.0,1.4,0.2,Iris-setosa4.7,3.2,1.3,0.2,Iris-setosa4.6,3.1,1.5,0.2,Iris-setosa5.0,3.6,1.4,0.2,Iris-setosa5.4,3.9,1.7,0.4,Iris-setosa4.6,3.4,1.4,0.3,Iris-setosa5.0,3.4,1.5,0.2,Iris-setosa4.4,2.9,1.4,0.2,Iris-setosa4.9,3.1,1.5,0.1,Iris-setosa

With encoding/csv imported, we first open the CSV file and create a CSV reader value:

// Open the iris dataset file.f, err := os.Open("../data/iris.csv")if err != ...

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