Chapter 8

Accessorizing for Success


check Palletizing parts

check Taking indexers for a spin

check Bar feeding your lathe

check Becoming best friends forever with a robot

check Taking it offline with presetters

check Keeping cool under pressure

To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success.


Good machines and good tooling are … well, good, but finding ways to make them more productive is not just good, it’s great. The first step down this road is the use of sound machining practices, but this can only bring you so far. No matter how well organized the shop and how skilled the machinists, many shops still take hours to set up a job. Stopping the machine every few minutes to load parts is a huge time suck, but remains a widely accepted practice. And wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn off the lights at five o’clock and come back the next day to a pile of completed parts? But how ...

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