Make It All About Them: Winning Sales Presentations

Book description

Debunks the myths of the traditional rules of presentations

In today's commodity-based marketplace it is harder than ever to differentiate even the most superlative services and products. The sales presentation provides the most powerful opportunity to do so. Make It All About Them reveals the truth behind the traditional rules of presentations and offers sales professionals a new way forward. It explains why focusing on three key points trumps a presentation full of details, why plain English always wins over jargon, why the audience doesn't need to know how important you are but how important they are, and other effective tactics.

  • Provides quick and useful concepts and tools to help salespeople break through the "we have always done it this way" mentality that is so prevalent in corporate America

  • Author Nadine Keller is founding partner of Precision Sales Coaching & Training with more than twenty-five years of experience in sales and sales leadership coaching and consulting

  • This unique approach will allow you to deliver a winning presentation every time by making it all about your audience.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Dedication
    5. Contents
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. Introduction: Creating an Experience
      1. The Sales Presentation Experience
    8. I What You Present: The Messages
      1. 1 Make It All About Them
      2. 2 Start with the End in Mind
        1. The Power of Three
        2. The “How to Choose Just Three” Exercise
        3. The Reviews Exercise
      3. 3 Develop a Story
        1. The Presentation as a Story
        2. Creating a Storyboard
      4. 4 Developing Stories for Existing Clients (Rebids)
    9. II The Skill: How You Say It
      1. 5 Facilitating the Experience
        1. Client Introductions
      2. 6 Speaking the Client's Language
        1. Emotion and Power Words
        2. The Most Powerful Word in Sales: You
        3. When Numbers Count
      3. 7 Making It Compelling
        1. All Benefits Are Not Created Equal
        2. Three-O'clock-in-the-Morning Language
        3. What We Are Really Selling
        4. The Art of Storytelling
        5. Say It with Passion—Enthusiasm Sells
        6. Say It with Conviction
      4. 8 Anticipating and Answering Questions
        1. Common Mistakes
        2. Types of Questions
        3. Guidelines for Answering Questions
        4. Helpful Phrases
        5. When You Don't Know the Answer . . .
      5. 9 Behaving as a Team: Team Dynamics
        1. Using Senior Executives in the Presentation
        2. The Team Makeup: Who and How Many?
        3. Sales Leadership
        4. Coaching the Team
        5. Stand or Sit?
        6. Power Poses
        7. Strategy Sessions and Rehearsals
        8. A Note on Time
        9. Debrief Sessions
      6. 10 Analyzing Your Audience
    10. III The Materials: What We Say It With
      1. 11 Dodging the Bullets: Avoiding Death by PowerPoint
        1. Where to Start
        2. Animation
        3. Slide Headlines
        4. Client Logos
        5. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
        6. Representing the Numbers
        7. Protecting the Deck
      2. 12 The Strategy behind the Materials
        1. Slide Advancers
        2. Presenter Tools
        3. Leave-Behinds
        4. The Mundane and the Extraordinary
    11. IV Twenty-three Elements of the Experience
      1. 1. All Communications Leading Up to the Presentation . . . and the Tone in Which They Are Sent
      2. 2. How You and Your Team Members Enter the Building and the Room
      3. 3. How You Greet People When You Enter the Room
      4. 4. Where You Choose to Sit
      5. 5. The Room's Physical Setup
      6. 6. How You Open the Presentation
      7. 7. How You Facilitate the Meeting Throughout
      8. 8. The Team's Personality and Energy
      9. 9. The Materials and Equipment You Use . . . and How You Use Them
      10. 10. The Team's Behavior . . . and Consistency between the Behavior and the Message
      11. 11. How You Present Your Business Card
      12. 12. The Quality of Paper on Which Things Are Presented
      13. 13. The Attire of the People Presenting
      14. 14. Team Photos
      15. 15. How You Take Notes . . . and What You Take Them with and On
      16. 16. How You Advance Slides
      17. 17. How You Handle the Unexpected
      18. 18. How You Close
      19. 19. How and When You Leave the Room
      20. 20. Your Postpresentation Follow-Up
      21. 21. Your Patience while Waiting for the Decision
      22. 22. The Amount of Effort and Creativity You Bring to the Table
      23. 23. Site Visits
    12. V The Tool Kit
      1. Tools
    13. Index

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    • Title: Make It All About Them: Winning Sales Presentations
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2012
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118428375