APPENDIX 1Questionnaire


Part One: General and Background Information

  1. Name and location of the Financial Institution:

  2. Respondent's Name:

  3. Position:


  4. Nature of the financial institution:

    (Please mark the appropriate boxes)

    Fully Fledged Islamic bank Conventional bank with Islamic activities/windows
    Conventional bank Other, please specify
  5. Nature of activities: (Please mark the appropriate boxes)
    Commercial banking Investment banking
    Retail banking Other, please specify
  6. The accounting standards used by your institution comply with:
    International standards AAOIFI standards
    Other, please specify Don't know

Part Two: Risk Perception

Section I Risk Issues in Islamic Banks

  1. Severity of risks facing Islamic banks

    Below are the main inherent risks in Islamic banking. Could you please identify the seriousness/importance of the following risks to Islamic banks according to your own personal view?

    Please mark the appropriate box.

    Risk Very Important Important Neutral Unimportant Very Unimportant
    Credit Risk
    Market Risk*
    Operational Risk
    Equity Investment Risk
    Liquidity Risk
    Asset–Liability Management Risk
    Displaced Commercial Risk **
    Shari'ah non-compliance Risk
    Concentration Risk
    Reputation Risk
    Fiduciary Risk
    Corporate Governance Risk ...

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