Filesystems for NOR and NAND flash memory

To use raw flash chips for mass storage, you have to use a filesystem that understands the peculiarities of the underlying technology. There are three such filesystems:

  • Journaling Flash File System 2, JFFS2: This was the first flash filesystem for Linux, and is still in use today. It works for NOR and NAND memory, but is notoriously slow during mount.
  • Yet Another Flash File System 2, YAFFS2: This is similar to JFFS2, but specifically for NAND flash memory. It was adopted by Google as the preferred raw flash filesystem on Android devices.
  • Unsorted Block Image File System, UBIFS: This is the latest flash-aware filesystem for both NOR and NAND memory, which is used in conjunction with the UBI block driver. It ...

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