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Mastering XenApp®

Book Description

Master the skills required to implement Citrix® XenApp® 7.6 to deploy a complete Citrix®-hosted application from scratch

About This Book

  • Learn to implement and configure components of Citrix® XenApp® 7.6, which are XenServer®, XenApp®, Citrix® License server, PVS, Storefront, Citrix® Receiver, and Netscaler to secure WAN traffic
  • Build the XenApp® 7.6 environment independently and perform tests to make sure the components are working as expected for internal and external traffic
  • Implement advanced tools in Citrix® XenApp® to build and manage a cost effective, secure, and high-performing application delivery infrastructure with this comprehensive guide

Who This Book Is For

This is book is for administrators who are currently managing the implemented environment and want to learn how to deploy the Citrix® Hosted virtualization solution for the application in a windows server 2012 R2 environment. A reasonable knowledge and understanding of core XenApp® elements and concepts used during virtualizing applications are assumed.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how to set up Hypervisor, install the management console, configure the storage repository, and create a virtual machine on hypervisor
  • Set up an Infrastructure component and explore ways to tune them up so that they can be used for Citrix® environment
  • Set up a Domain controller, DHCP, Certificate authority, and SQL server for static database for Citrix® XenApp®
  • Validate the Citrix® XenApp® 7.6 solution to make sure components are communicating properly
  • Manage the essential Citrix® components – Director, Licensing, and Policies with the Help of Citrix® studio
  • Optimize the behavior of an Application and share desktop via Policies
  • Installing and configuring Citrix® Provisioning services to deliver Citrix® XenApp® 7.6 virtual machines
  • Secure the external Delivery of an application and shared desktop via netscaler to enjoy mobility

In Detail

Citrix® XenApp® is one of the leading pieces of Application delivery software that delivers Windows compatible apps to users on any device, anywhere. Citrix® XenApp® also gives administrators the ability to manage and control the freedom of mobility by increasing the security and saving costs at the same time.

This book will provide you with all the knowledge required to successfully deploy and master a complete Citrix® hosted application. First, it will cover essential concepts of the architecture of XenApp®. You will then learn how to set up Hypervisor and how to set up Infrastructure components. Next you will learn how to Set up Citrix® Components, XenApp® resources, PVS, and Netscaler. We will further look at how to prepare the environment for Rollout. Additionally, you will learn how to configure the Citrix® components such as Citrix® Director. Moreover, you’ll learn about shared desktop for delivery to end users and the application of policies for effective and secure delivery. Finally, you will learn how to implement provisioning services for a Citrix® XenApp® 7.6 environment.

Style and approach

This book is based on a course outline and hence takes a very practical approach so you will understand how to implement the components of XenApp® in a production environment. Complemented with many best practices and troubleshooting concepts of XenApp®, this book will help you master XenApp® swiftly.

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Table of Contents

  1. Mastering XenApp®
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Mastering XenApp®
    3. Notice
    4. Credits
    5. About the Author
    6. About the Reviewer
    7. www.PacktPub.com
      1. Support files, eBooks, discount offers, and more
        1. Why subscribe?
        2. Free access for Packt account holders
        3. Instant updates on new Packt books
    8. Preface
      1. What this book covers
      2. What you need for this book
      3. Who this book is for
      4. Conventions
      5. Reader feedback
      6. Customer support
        1. Downloading the color images of this book
        2. Errata
        3. Piracy
        4. Questions
    9. 1. Understanding the XenDesktop® and XenApp® Architecture
      1. Core strength of XenApp® and XenDesktop® 7.6
        1. Going mobile
        2. HDX™ user experience
        3. Cloud-ready
        4. Any Windows, web, or SaaS application
        5. Open, scalable, and proven
      2. Different editions of XenApp® and XenDesktop®
      3. Licensing of XenApp®
      4. Licensing of XenDesktop®
      5. FlexCast® architecture
      6. Use cases
        1. Task worker
        2. Knowledge workers
        3. Mobile worker
        4. Shared workstation
      7. Standard deployment Citrix® Component
        1. Citrix® components
          1. Citrix Receiver™
          2. Citrix® Director
          3. StoreFront™
          4. Delivery Controller
          5. Citrix® Studio
      8. High-level concepts of designing the infrastructure
      9. Summary
    10. 2. Initiating the Hypervisor
      1. Virtualization
      2. Components
      3. Hypervisor for XenApp® and XenDesktop® 7.6
      4. Why XenServer®
        1. Installing the XenServer® host
        2. Installing XenCenter®
      5. Connecting XenCenter® to the XenServer® host
      6. Configuration of storage repository
      7. XenServer® hosts with shared NFS storage
      8. Configuring NFS storage
      9. Creating a virtual machine
        1. Creating a virtual machine from a CD, ISO image
      10. XenServer® Tools
      11. Summary
    11. 3. Setting Up the Infrastructure Components
      1. Overview
      2. Setting up the domain controller
        1. Configuring the domain controller
      3. Setting up the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
      4. Setting up a certificate authority
        1. Configuring the certificate authority
      5. Setting up SQL server 2012
      6. Setting up SQL mirroring
      7. Summary
    12. 4. Setting Up the Citrix® Components
      1. Setting up the Citrix® infrastructure components
        1. Installing the Citrix® components
      2. Configuring the Citrix® components
        1. Configuring Delivery Controller
          1. Configuring the secondary Delivery Controller
        2. Configuring StoreFront™ server
        3. Configuring Citrix Receiver™
          1. Configuring Citrix Receiver™ for web
        4. E-mail address discovery via Citrix Receiver™
        5. Using HTML5 as a replacement client of Citrix Receiver™
      3. Summary
    13. 5. Setting Up the XenApp® Resources
      1. Preparing the master virtual machine
      2. Setting up server OS for Master Image
      3. Creating a Machine Catalog
      4. Creating a delivery group
      5. Summary
    14. 6. Configuring Policies
      1. Setting up policies
        1. Creating a policy
          1. Creating a new policy template from Citrix® Studio console
          2. Creating a new Citrix® policy using the Citrix® Studio console
      2. Installing the group policy management feature
        1. Creating and managing policies inside the group policy management console
      3. Printing policies
        1. Implementing Universal Print Server 7.6
        2. Citrix® printing policies
      4. Configuring remote assistance
      5. Citrix® profile management
      6. Summary
    15. 7. Setting Up Citrix Provisioning Services™
      1. Citrix Provisioning Services™
        1. The Citrix Provisioning Services™ architecture
        2. Setting up a Citrix Provisioning Services™ server and configuring it
        3. Installing the Citrix Provisioning Services™ console
        4. Connecting the Citrix Provisioning Services™ console to the farm
        5. Configuring the boot from network
        6. Configuring the Bootstrap for high availability
        7. Configuring Master Target Device
        8. Creating a vDisk
        9. Assigning a vDisk to a target device
      2. Summary
    16. 8. Setting Up NetScaler®
      1. An overview of NetScaler Gateway™
        1. Types of NetScaler® appliance
      2. Performing the initial configuration of NetScaler®
        1. Installing the NetScaler® appliance on XenServer®
        2. Configuring the networking address on NetScaler®
        3. Using NSIP to configure — Subnet IP, Hostname, DNS, Time zone and licensing
        4. Installing a license on Licenses
      3. Configuring NTP
      4. Configuring high availability for NetScaler®
      5. Creating certificates for NetScaler®
      6. Configuring NetScaler® for remote access
      7. Modifying StoreFront™ to integrate with NetScaler®
      8. Summary
    17. Index