Absolutely integrable signals, 203

Absorbing state, Markov Chains, 139

Acausal systems, 188

Acceptance function, simulated annealing, 168

Actions in game theory, 281, 286

Active control system elements, 324

Addition of vectors and matrices, 110111

Additivity property, systems, 188

Affine transforms, 281

Agents in game theory, 304

Agglomerative clustering, data mining, 102

AGV (d’Asprement-Gerard-Varet) mechanism, 314

Algebra, linear. See Linear algebra

Algorithmic Game Theory (Nisan, Roughgarden, Tardos, and Vazirani), 316


experimental design problem, 100

of signals due to sampling, 219222

when coding message sources, 400

All-pairs shortest paths algorithm, 163164

Amplitude shift keying, 178

Analog signals, 185

Analog systems, ...

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