MATLAB is an amazing product that helps you perform math-related tasks of all sorts using the same techniques that you’d use if you were performing the task manually (using pencil and paper, slide rule, or abacus if necessary, but more commonly using a calculator). However, MATLAB makes it possible to perform these tasks at a speed that only a computer can provide. In addition, using MATLAB reduces errors, streamlines many tasks, and makes you more efficient.

More important, MATLAB makes sharing your efforts with others incredibly easy. You can use Live Scripts to create report-like output that management can understand, or to develop apps for coworkers to employ when performing their tasks.

MATLAB is also a big product with numerous tools and features that you might never have used in the past. For example, instead of simply working with numbers, you have the ability to plot them in a variety of ways that help you communicate the significance of your data to other people. To get the most from MATLAB, you really need a book like MATLAB For Dummies, 2nd Edition.

About This Book

The main purpose of MATLAB For Dummies, 2nd Edition is to reduce the learning curve that comes with using a product that offers as much as MATLAB does. When you first start MATLAB, you might become instantly overwhelmed by everything you see. This book helps you get past that stage and become productive quickly so that you can get back to performing amazing feats of math wizardry.

In addition, ...

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