Chapter 11

Working with Live Scripts


check Understanding Live Script

check Creating a Live Script

check Running a Live Script

check Performing diagnostics

In the past, writing an application was all about writing code in a step-by-step, static manner, which works fine for a great many needs. Also, running regular code makes the results appear separately from the code, resulting in a disconnect between the two.

However, many people prefer to work with code in a dynamic manner so that they can see the result of a line of thought immediately after pursuing it. A Live Script is a technique of writing code that lets you work with your code dynamically and see the result alongside the code. This approach provides a less abstract method of creating MATLAB scripts. The first part of this chapter helps you understand how Live Script compares with a regular MATLAB script, allowing you to take what you’ve learned in previous chapters and build on it.

You use a special kind of editor, the Live Editor, to create a Live Script. This editor has a number of new features that you haven’t seen before now, ...

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