Chapter 6. A Multimodule Project


In this chapter, we create a multimodule project that combines the examples from the two previous chapters. The simple-weather code developed in Chapter 4 will be combined with the simple-webapp project defined in Chapter 5 to create a web application that retrieves and displays weather forecast information on a web page. At the end of this chapter, you will be able to use Maven to develop complex, multimodule projects.

Downloading This Chapter’s Example

The multimodule project developed in this example consists of modified versions of the projects developed in Chapters 4 and 5, and we are not using the Maven Archetype plugin to generate this multimodule project. We strongly recommend downloading a copy of the example code to use as a supplemental reference while reading the content in this chapter. This chapter’s example project may be downloaded with the book’s example code at or Unzip this archive in any directory, and then go to the ch06/ directory. There you will see a directory named simple-parent/, which contains the multimodule Maven project developed in this chapter. In this directory, you will see a pom.xml and the two submodule directories, simple-weather/ and simple-webapp/. If you wish to follow along with the example code in a web browser, go to and click on the ch06/ directory. ...

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