Chapter 14. Maven and Eclipse: m2eclipse


The Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is the most widely used IDE for Java development today. Eclipse has a huge number of plugins (see, and innumerable organizations are developing their own software on top of it. Quite simply, Eclipse is ubiquitous. The m2Eclipse project provides support for Maven within the Eclipse IDE, and in this chapter, we will explore the features it provides to help you use Maven with Eclipse.


The m2Eclipse plugins (see provide Maven integration for Eclipse. m2Eclipse also has hooks into the features of both the Subclipse plugin (see and the Mylyn plugin (see The Subclipse plugin provides the m2eclipse plugin with the ability to interact with Subversion repositories, and the Mylyn plugin provides the m2eclipse plugin with the ability to interact with a task-focused interface that can keep track of development context. Just a few of the features m2eclipse provides include:

  • Creating and importing Maven projects

  • Dependency management and integration with the Eclipse classpath

  • Automatic dependency downloads and updates

  • Artifact Javadoc and source resolution

  • Creating projects with Maven archetypes

  • Browsing and searching remote Maven repositories

  • POM management with automatic update to dependency list

  • Materializing a project from a Maven POM

  • Checking out a Maven project ...

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