T.38 (Real-Time Facsimile Transport Protocol), telephony, 812

task assignments (backup strategy development), 1090-1091

Task Manager, performance monitoring, 1171

Task option, OWA, 985


diagnostic tasks, 272

maintenance, verifying, 675

organizational management tasks, 272

OWA, 985-986

recipient management tasks, 271

server management tasks, 272

SharePoint list of, 856

TCS (Transactions and Code Sets), 432

TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing), telephony, 811

team designations (backup strategy development), 1090-1091

Team Services (SharePoint), 848-849

techinical training documentation, 758

technical reporting, 756. See also documentation

technologies, SharePoint, 849


circuit-switched networks, 810

circuits, 810

hunt group objects, ...

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