Chapter 4

Time Management

Time management may seem like a dry topic unsuited to a book of fun mind hacks, but unless you have time to advance your plans, you have nothing, not even the capacity to read this book. It's a limited resource that can slip away all too easily, leaving you wondering why you don't have more to show for it.

This chapter demonstrates how to get control of your time with innovative techniques such as keeping all your appointments in your head (Hack 18, “Keep a Mental Datebook”), keeping time with new kinds of clocks and calendars (Hack 19, “Tell Time Who's Boss,” and Hack 20, “Meet MET”), knowing when it's better to organize your life with a streamlined time-management system (Hack 21, “Get Control of Yourself”), and when you'll be more productive by simply blowing it all off (Hack 24, “Knock Off Work”).

Hack 18: Keep a Mental Datebook

Create an appointment book in your head so you need never miss a meeting or class again. You can implement this hack with your favorite mnemonic systems; our example builds on existing memory hacks to demonstrate how they can be combined into a custom system.

This advanced hack explains how to combine several other hacks into a custom memory system to remember your appointments or other important events in the week ahead. It builds on other mnemonic systems, including the Dominic System, the Major System, the Number-Shape System, and the Journey System. You can learn about these systems from sources such as the Mentat Wiki ...

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