Note: Page numbers followed by f indicate figures and t indicate tables.


Abbey Road (Beatles), 175, 291

Abbey Road EMI Studios, 225

absolute automation, 276277

acoustic guitar equalization for, 64 expressiveness of, 106 percussive, 4 in reference recordings, 290

acoustic reflector, 159

acoustics, 45, 208209

Adams, Bryan, 289

air pressure, 243, 244f

Almo Sounds, 291

Altec compressors, 94

alternative signal path, 246247

ambience amplitude envelope for, 110111 expansion and, 137 gating and, 135 loudness from, 229

American Idiot (Green Day), 294

amplitude asymmetric amplitude axis distortion, 74f canceling, 152f compression and limiting of, 81, 82f distance versus, 247248 distortion of, 6774 doubling, 151f expansion of, 120 expansion ...

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