AAO, see Anodically oxidized alumina (AAO)

Ab initio methods, 872

Absolute humidity, 114

AC, see Alternating current (AC)

Acetonitrile (ACN), 448

ACMOMDs, see Antenna-coupled MOM diodes (ACMOMDs)

ACN, see Acetonitrile (ACN)

ACs, see Activated carbons (ACs)

Action potential, 197

Activated carbons (ACs), 446

Activation, 168

duration and resistance, 170171, 172

integration of SETs using, 173

procedure for series-connected, 168169

Active-matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCD), 730

ACT Node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF), 612

Adaptive average cell (AD–AVG), 591; see also Adaptive fault-tolerant architecture

crossbar layout view, 598

technology implementation, 597

2-input AD–AVG yield, 599

Adaptive fault-tolerant architecture, ...

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