XmlSchemaAnnotated — System.Xml.Schema (system.xml.dll)    class 


public class XmlSchemaAnnotated : XmlSchemaObject {
// Public Constructors
   public XmlSchemaAnnotated( );  
// Public Instance Properties
   public XmlSchemaAnnotation Annotation{set; get; } 
   public string Id{set; get; } 
   public XmlAttribute[ ] UnhandledAttributes{set; get; } 

This type is the base class for any XmlSchemaObject type that contains an xs:annotation element. In practice, this makes it the superclass for nearly all the XML Schema types, except for XmlSchema, documentation elements including XmlSchemaAnnotation, XmlSchemaAppInfo, and XmlSchemaDocumentation, and the types that derive from XmlSchemaExternal. Its Annotation property allows you to get or set its XmlSchemaAnnotation element, and its UnhandledAttributes property provides access to an array of System.Xml.XmlAttributes representing the element’s attributes from non-XML Schema namespaces.



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