Chapter 7


In This Chapter

arrow Examining the Event Viewer

arrow Perusing the Performance console

arrow Checking out the Computer Management console

arrow Surveying the Services console

Windows Server is extremely reliable. Get it configured right in the first place, and it will chug along without incident — that is, at least until something goes wrong, which is inevitable.

In this chapter, I review some of the tools that Windows provides to help you diagnose trouble. Before I start, however, I want to point you to a few other chapters that also contain troubleshooting information. This chapter deals only with those tools that apply specifically to Windows servers. You can find other information in these chapters:

  • Book II, Chapter 7 gives you some basic network troubleshooting tips.
  • Book III, Chapter 7 explains how to use the TCP/IP troubleshooting tools, such as ping and ipconfig.
  • Book VII, Chapter 8 shows you some Windows commands that are often useful for troubleshooting.

Working with the Event Viewer

Windows has a built-in event-tracking feature that automatically logs a variety ...

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