Unlike the toolbox in the corner of your garage, Office 2008’s Toolbox is easy to get to, puts itself away with the click of a mouse, and is never missing a 9/16” socket. Better still, it can do many things your disorganized, red toolbox could never do. For example, it can store your snippets of inspiration (pictures, text, and so on), provide definitions and other research aids, check your document’s compatibility, or provide a window into Office’s Project Center. Office 2008 adds the formerly-separate Formatting Palette to the Toolbox, bringing its total number of sections to seven—and making it the one-stop location for tools of all types.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint share the six standard Toolbox sections: Formatting Palette, Object Palette, Scrapbook, Reference Tools, Compatibility Report, and Project Center. In addition, each program adds one palette of its own. Word has Citations (Different headers (and footers) for different sections), Excel has the Formula Builder (Looking up functions with the Formula Builder), and PowerPoint has the Custom Animation palette (Adding Animations). Those program-specific palettes are discussed in each of the program chapters, and the Formatting Palette and Object Palette are covered in the Word chapters (Standard Toolbar). Entourage makes use of only three Toolbox palettes—Scrapbook, Reference Tools, and Object Palette—which you can only access via the Tools → Toolbox menu (or by adding the Toolbox button to the Entourage Standard ...

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