Performing an initial setup required for GoldenGate DDL replication

When GoldenGate is used for DDL replication, the Extract process on the source system requires some metadata tables. Hence, to enable the DDL replication in a source environment, you need to run some scripts to do an initial setup which, in turn, creates these metadata objects.

In this recipe, we will look at how to perform the initial setup required for enabling the DDL replication in a GoldenGate environment.

Getting ready

We will use the GGATE_ADMIN schema for this setup.

How to do it...

Run the following scripts in the source environment:

  1. Change the directory to GoldenGate Home as follows:
    cd /u01/app/ggate
  2. Log in to sqlplus as sysdba as shown in the following command:
    sqlplus sys/**** ...

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