Chapter 10


In This Chapter

arrow Getting an overview of the Internet

arrow Pre-surfing with the Network System Preferences pane

arrow Surfing the web with Safari

arrow Searching the web

arrow Going face to face with FaceTime

These days, networking online is easier than finding a log to fall off: You simply use the Internet to connect your Mac to a wealth of information residing on computers around the world. Luckily for you, OS X has the best and most comprehensive Internet tools ever shipped with a Mac operating system.

OS X offers built-in Internet connectivity right out of the box. OS X Yosemite comes with

  • Apple’s Safari web browser, which you use to navigate the web, download remote files, and more
  • The FaceTime app for video chats with other Mac or iDevice users
  • Messages, used mostly for instant messaging and live online chatting (text). Messages works with other Messages users and people ...

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