Chapter 19

Myths and misconceptions of PCI DSS


This final chapter explains common but damaging PCI myths and misconceptions, as well as the reality behind them.


False Information about PCI DSS
Information in this chapter
• Myth #1 PCI Doesn’t Apply
• Myth #2 PCI Is Confusing
• Myth #3 PCI DSS Is Too Onerous
• Myth #4 Breaches Prove PCI DSS Irrelevant
• Myth #5 PCI is All We Need for Security
• Myth #6 PCI DSS Is Really Easy
• Myth #7 My Tool Is PCI Compliant
• Myth #8 PCI Is Toothless
• Case Study
As we previously discussed, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), now updated to version 3.0, has transformed the way many organizations practice information security. While ...

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