SOAP::Lite Methods

All methods that SOAP::Lite provides can be used for setting and retrieving values. If you provide no parameters, you will get the current value, and if parameters are provided, a new value will be assigned to the object, and the method in question will return the current object (if not stated otherwise). This is suitable for stacking these calls. For example:

  $lite = SOAP::Lite
    -> uri('')
    -> proxy('')

The order is insignificant. You may call the new( ) method first, but if you don’t, SOAP::Lite will do it for you. Calling the new( ) method explicitly gives you additional syntax:

  $lite = SOAP::Lite->new(
    uri => '',
    proxy => ''

The SOAP::Lite methods are:

new( )

Accepts a hash with method names as keys. It will call the appropriate methods together with the passed values..

transport( )

Provides access to the SOAP/Transport object. You probably shouldn’t play with transport( ), since the object will be created for you.

serializer( )

Provides access to the SOAP/Serialization object. You probably shouldn’t play with serializer( ), since the object will be created for you.

endpoint( )

Lets you specify an endpoint without changing/loading the protocol module. This is useful for switching endpoints without switching protocols. You should call proxy( ) first. No checks for protocol equivalence will be made.

outputxml( )

If true, all methods will ...

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