2.2. Where Can I Get the Best Shot?

Bridalveil Fall can be photographed from numerous points in the western end of Yosemite Valley. Each vantage point gives a different view of the waterfall. Some of the best locations for photographing the waterfall are the Bridalveil Fall parking lot (see A on map), the Bridalveil Fall viewpoint (see B on map), the Southside Drive (see C on map), the Northside Drive (see D on map), Gates of the Valley (see E on map), and Tunnel View (see F on map).

2.2.1. Bridalveil Fall parking lot

The Bridalveil Fall parking lot is located near the junction of the Southside Drive and Highway 41. Leaving the valley and heading south on 41, the parking lot is immediately to your left. From the parking lot you have a view of Bridalveil Fall descending from the cliff and disappearing into the treetops, as seen in figure 2.1. In the springtime you can feel the spray of the falls even from this distance!

Figure 2.1. Bridalveil Fall photographed from Bridalveil Fall parking lot (see A on the map). Taken at ISO 100, f/20, 1/40 second with a 24-105mm zoom lens at 28mm.

The best locations from which to photograph Bridalveil Fall: (A) Bridalveil Fall parking lot, (B) Bridalveil Fall viewpoint, (C) Southside Drive, (D) Northside Drive, (E) Gates of the Valley, (F) ...

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