ip rule—Routing Policy Database Management

This command manipulates the third part of the Policy Routing Triad: rules.

As discussed in Chapter 2, there are three parts to the implementation of the RPDB. The ip rule object allows specification and definition of the policy rules part of the RPDB.

Abbreviations: rule, ru

To understand the logic of the commands section you will want to understand the logic of the commandline. The output for ip rule help is as follows:

 Usage: ip rule [ list | add | del ] SELECTOR ACTION SELECTOR := [ from PREFIX ] [ to PREFIX ] [ tos TOS ] [ fwmark FWMARK ] [ dev STRING ] [ pref NUMBER ] ACTION := [ table TABLE_ID ] [ nat ADDRESS ] [ prohibit | reject | unreachable ] [ realms [SRCREALM/]DSTREALM ] TABLE_ID := [ local ...

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