Chapter 8. Automated Business Rules

Every organization has a slightly different set of ideas for how it would like to support customers. When we have implemented Zendesk solutions for organizations, support managers sometimes said they had a “standard customer service setup,” but over the years we’ve learned that there is no such thing. When we really dug into what each support manager wanted to accomplish with Zendesk, we found that the requirements were quite specific to the particular organization, as each one has a unique set of circumstances that impact how Zendesk should be set up.

In order to accommodate this diverse range of customer requirements, Zendesk offers a very flexible set of tools to capture your organization’s business process. In the previous chapter, we explained views and macros, which are the first pieces of your business process, but dealt with them from the agent’s perspective.

From an administrator’s perspective, you can define a number of automated business rules using triggers and automations. This chapter will describe each of these in detail, along with some other business rules that may be configured by administrators in Zendesk.

User and Organization Tagging

The User and Organization Tagging feature is one of our personal favorites in Zendesk, because it’s so simple, but makes it so much easier for you to provide varying levels of support to each of your customers. Using this feature, administrators can add tags to users or organizations in the same way ...

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