Haml Walkthrough: ERB

Now we’re going to walk you through the exact same process with which Haml was created. A well-formatted bit of HTML was changed step by step until Haml was born.

Let’s start with an example using ERB. It’s a standard template you might find in any Ruby project. Don’t panic if you aren’t a Rubyist—it’s a straightforward example.

 <div id=​"products"​>
 <​%- @products.each do |product| %>
  <div class=​"product"​ id=​"product_<%= product.id %>"​>
  <div class=​"name"​>​<​%= product.name %></div>
  <div class=​"price"​>​<​%= product.price %></div>
 <​% end %>

Executing this would print out each of the products in @products and assign each one a custom ID like product_23 (where the product’s ...

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