Chapter 2

Real Numbers Come Clean


Bullet Finding solutions to equations with inequalities

Bullet Using interval notation to express inequality

Bullet Simplifying radicals and exponents

Bullet Rationalizing the denominator

If fundamentals such as the order of operations (see Chapter 1) are the foundation of your pre-calculus house, then the skills you pick up in Algebra I and II are the mortar between your pre-calculus bricks. You need this knowledge if you’re going to move forward in your mathematics studies. Without it, your pre-calculus house is going to take a beating. Never fear, though. This chapter is here to help refresh your memory.

In this chapter, I assume that you are well prepared in your basic algebra skills, so I review only the more challenging algebra concepts. In addition to reviewing inequalities, radicals, and exponents, I also introduce interval notation. (Note: If you feel confident with the other review sections in this chapter, feel free to skip ahead in the book, but make sure you practice some of the interval notation problems before moving on to Chapter 3.)

Solving ...

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