Chapter 11Play Seven: Launch Predictive Programs to Convert More Customers

Now it's time to put it all together. In these final three chapters of Part Two we look at a number of strategies and campaigns you can use to deliver value throughout the customer life cycle. First we look at how you can use predictive analytics in order to convert more prospects, and we look at how to use look-alike targeting, a predictive technique in its own right, in combination with clusters and other customer segments to acquire better customers.

Predictive Remarketing Campaigns

Retargeting or remarketing, which are used interchangeably here, enable marketers to reengage people who have previously expressed interest in a brand, product, or service by interactions like visiting the brand's website or reading one of its emails. Retargeting is usually associated with visits to your website, and the subsequent reminder to come back is usually directed at you via display advertising. Remarketing programs work in shorter timescales, in hours or days, because their primary objective is to increase conversions within a specific context created by the consumer.

You probably have experienced these advertisements: after you look at a pair of shoes on Zappos, and after leaving the site, the pair will follow you around the web. Whether you are on your Facebook page or browsing another website—you will often see an advertisement with the specific pair show up in your feed or sidebar.

The trigger of retargeting ...

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