Introduction: Who Should Read this Book

This book is for everyday marketers who want to learn what predictive marketing is all about, as well as for those marketers who are ready to use predictive marketing in their organizations. Whether you are just getting started with your research, or have already begun to implement predictive marketing, you will find many practical tips in this book.

We share what marketers at companies large and small should know about predictive marketing. We show you how to achieve the same large returns as early adopters such as Harrah's Entertainment, Amazon, and Netflix. We also give you a practical guidebook to help you get started with this new way of marketing. And above all, we share stories from companies small and large, from retail to publishing, to software to manufacturing. All of these marketers have achieved revolutionary returns, and so can you.

About This Book

We are passionate about improving the quality of marketing and about arming marketers with the knowledge and tools they need to make marketing relevant again. We hope that the chapters that follow give marketers the vocabulary and the inspiration to start to understand and use big data and machine learning–powered marketing. We believe this will lead to a win-win for customers, businesses, and marketers. Customers will have more relevant and meaningful experiences, businesses will be able to build more profitable customer relationships, and marketers will gain visibility and respect ...

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