Principles of Managerial Statistics and Data Science

This document serves as a guideline designed to help how to plan, conduct, analyze, and write a statistics project. The end goal is a cohesive, well written paper using statistical methods covered in class as a tool to convey insight garnered from data.

Project Objective

The main objective of the project is to learn how to organize, analyze and write using statistical information. Data collection is not expected although students may potentially bring their own data. By attempting to do research, a student becomes aware of the problems that all researchers must face. Problems such as data wrangling, accurate reporting and recording, and depth of analysis are some examples. The student becomes a more critical consumer of data based information by completing a project.

Use of statistical software for the analysis is expected. No restrictions are given on the software to be used. Some well known software that allows statistical analysis includes, Excel, Minitab, SPSS, Stata, SAS and R/RStudio (the latter can be obtained for free over the internet) but there are many others.

Project Topics

The project should focus on a data set NOT covered in class or a data set used in class but applying a different analysis. For example: assessing whether arrests (a variable available in the San Diego police stop data set) by San Diego police after a stop are associated to driver's race. Students should meet with the instructor or TA to ...

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