Appendix A. Domain Name Registration

In order to use a domain name, it must be registered. Where and how it is registered depends on the Top-Level Domain (TLD), for example, in, .com is the TLD. The following information may be useful when registering or planning to register domain names and is presented in the form of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

  1. What is a domain name?

  2. What is a TLD (or gTLD or ccTLD or sTLD) domain name?

  3. Who is responsible for domain names?

  4. What TLDs are available?

  5. I thought was my domain name.

  6. What is a URL (or URI or URN)?

  7. What is an SLD?

  8. How do I register a .com or .org or .net domain name?

  9. How do I register a domain in Malaysia (or any other country)?

  10. Can I register my domain name in any country? ...

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