Chapter 6. Program Definition and Planning

The previous chapter began with the discussion of how to successfully implement a program utilizing the program management discipline and practices. This chapter continues the discussion with a focus on how to successfully define and plan a program. Program definition and planning are the first two phases of the PLC, as shown in Figure 6.1.

Simply stated, program definition involves the integration of business strategy with customer (or end user) and technology research to develop a product, service, or infrastructure concept. The feasibility of the concept is then tested through the process of developing and analyzing the program business case that, if successful, ensures the concept is viable from a business perspective. In effect, program definition aligns business objectives with strategy through the development of a new product, service, or infrastructure concept and then proves that the concept makes business sense and will serve as the means to achieve the intended objectives.

Program planning channels the work completed in program definition toward the creation of a cross-project, multidiscipline execution plan that will guide the work of the program team to turn the concept into a tangible product, service, or infrastructure capability.

The role of the program manager during program definition and planning is to facilitate and manage the horizontal collaboration between key representatives of the disciplines involved and to ensure ...

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