Communicating with a Test Channel

Let’s see how easy it is to test our VideoChannel features. Our plan is simple. We’re going to set up some data to share across our tests and then sign the user in within our setup block. Then, we can write some independent tests against that live connection.

Create a new rumbrella/apps/rumbl/test/channels/video_channel_test.exs file that looks like this:

1: defmodule​ Rumbl.Channels.VideoChannelTest ​do
use​ Rumbl.ChannelCase
import​ Rumbl.TestHelpers
5:  setup ​do
user = insert_user(​name:​ ​"​​Rebecca"​)
video = insert_video(user, ​title:​ ​"​​Testing"​)
token = Phoenix.Token.sign(@endpoint, ​"​​user socket" ...

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