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Adaptive Software Development:A Collaborative Approach to Managing Complex Systemsby James A. Highsmith IIIISBN: 978-0-932633-40-8     Copyright ©2000     392 pages, softcover

Amplifying Your Effectiveness: Collected Essaysedited by Gerald M. Weinberg, James Bach, and Naomi KartenISBN: 978-0-932633-47-7     Copyright ©2000     160 pages, softcover

Exploring Requirements: Quality Before Designby Donald C. Gause and Gerald M. WeinbergISBN: 978-0-932633-13-2     Copyright ©1989     320 pages, hardcover

An Introduction to General Systems Thinking: Silver Anniversary Editionby Gerald M. WeinbergISBN: 978-0-932633-49-1     Copyright ©2001     304 pages, softcover

Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams, 2nd ...

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