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Prosperity in The Age of Decline: How to Lead Your Business and Preserve Wealth Through the Coming Business Cycles

Book Description

A guide for protecting your wealth in an age of turbulent business cycles

In Prosperity in the Age of Decline, Brian and Alan Beaulieu—the CEO and President of the Institute for Trend Research® (ITR)—offer an informed, meticulously-researched look at the future and the coming Great Depression. Drawing on ITR's 94.7% forecast accuracy rate, the book outlines specific, actionable strategies for capitalizing on cyclical opportunities and dodging economic danger. In this important resource, the authors reveal what it will take for individual investors and business leaders to prosper as the economy heats up prior to the predicted downturn, preserve wealth in the upcoming Great Depression, and profit on the way out of the depression. The imbalances and maladjustments have a while to play out and the authors pinpoint the investment opportunities to be had in the countdown period.

The Beaulieu's examine the major economic trends at play, such as low interest rates, burgeoning government debt, and an aging population. They discuss which trends will last and what investors should do with this knowledge in order to thrive. The book also reviews the group of leading economic indicators that most consistently achieve reliable results for predicting where the economy is headed. Designed as a useful tool for investors, the book includes a working list of key trends, describes the upside potential of each trend, and explains the potential threat stemming from a particular trend. Understanding how to capitalize on these trends and knowing how to avoid the common pitfalls are the keys to creating a solid economic future for individual investors and business leaders.

  • Contains the strategies for capitalizing on cyclical opportunities and avoiding economic dangers

  • Offers an examination of major economic trends

  • Includes information on the leading economic indicators that most reliably achieve results

  • Shows how to preserve wealth and avoid the most common investing pitfalls

  • This comprehensive resource offers guidelines for averting cyclical downturns and building on rising industry trends.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Chapter 1: Results That No One Can Ignore: You Can Successfully Prepare for an Unknown Future
      1. Where Not to Look
      2. Confidence Indicators
      3. Politics
      4. Federal Reserve Board (The U.S. Version of Central Banks in Other Countries)
      5. Newspapers and Media
      6. ITR Economics Forecast Accuracy
    5. Chapter 2: The Status Quo Never Was: Seven Major Trends and Assumptions That Won't Last
      1. Unstoppable Trends That Suddenly Stopped
      2. Today's Trends That Won't Last Forever
      3. Stimulus Spending Is Needed and Helpful
    6. Chapter 3: Preparing for Prosperity—Good News for 2015 and 2016: Do You Have Enough?
      1. What Will 2015, 2016, and 2017 Look Like?
    7. Chapter 4: Depression Driver: Demographics
      1. More People, More Older People
      2. Show Me the Money
      3. Medicare and Social Security
      4. Managing to Win
      5. Probable Winners
      6. (Potential) Losers
    8. Chapter 5: A World That Doesn't Remember Inflation: New Management and Investment Thought Processes Required
      1. Inflation's Impacts
      2. Five Sources of Inflation
      3. Managing to Win
      4. Winners and Losers
      5. Appendix to Chapter 5
    9. Chapter 6: Sovereign Debt—Harmless or Toxic?: Not Just an American Problem
      1. A Global Perspective
      2. Summary
    10. Chapter 7: A Closer Look at the United States: The U.S. Problem Becomes the World's Problem
      1. Where Are We Now?
      2. Where Are We Going?
      3. State and Local Governments
      4. Spreading the Pain around the World
      5. Summary
    11. Chapter 8: Business Growth Strategies and Tactics from Now through 2029
      1. Monthly Moving Totals (MMTs)
      2. Calculating Rate-of-Change
      3. Use the Metrics
    12. Chapter 9: Offense and Defense: Strategies for the Upside of the Business Cycle
      1. Offense and Defense
      2. Conflicting Messages
      3. Don't Delay
      4. Phase A Management Objectives
      5. Let the Good Times Roll
      6. Summary
    13. Chapter 10: Playing Defense to Win: Enhancing Profits Even as the Economy Deteriorates
      1. Management Objectives
      2. The Rules Are Changing
      3. Summary
    14. Chapter 11: Great Opportunities within the Stock Market: What Businesses and Individuals Need to Know
      1. Energy Distribution
      2. Printed Electronics
      3. Mexico
      4. Water Conservation and Distribution
      5. Health Care
      6. Vocational Education
      7. 3-D Printing
      8. Housing
      9. Security
      10. Natural Resources
      11. Food
      12. Entertainment
    15. Chapter 12: Investing Based on Age and Trend
      1. Some Commonalities
      2. Different Markets—Different Times
      3. How Old Are You?
    16. Chapter 13: How to Spot the Top (Before the Great Depression)
    17. Chapter 14: What the Next Generation Needs to Know: Six Things the Next Generation Must Do
      1. What Owners and Managers Must Do
      2. Six Things Our Kids (and Businesses) Must Do
    18. Chapter 15: Is There Hope?
      1. What Can Stave Off the Great Depression of 2030?
      2. A Different View of the 1930s
      3. A Different Future
      4. Summary
    19. Bibliography
    20. Index
    21. End User License Agreement