The history of chatbots

I still remember the day my father sat me down in front of his IBM XT with its black-and-green flickering monitor and asked me to talk to it. The conversation went something like the following:

>Hello. How are you feeling today?

>Hi. Who is this?

>Hi there... How are you today?

>I'm fine. You didn't tell me who you are.

>We should be discussing you, not me.

>We should? Why?

>Let's change focus a bit... Tell me about your family.

>You are impossible to have a conversation with.

>Can you elaborate on that?

>You are killing me.

>Perhaps you would like me to be killing you.

>OK, you are freaking me out.

>Perhaps you're really talking about yourself?

>What?? That makes no sense.

>How would an answer to that help you?

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