Setting up your daily personal newsletter

In order to set up a personal email with news stories, we're going to utilize IFTTT again. As before, in Chapter 3, Build an App to Find Cheap Airfares, we'll use the Webhooks channel to send a POST request. But this time, the payload will be our news stories. If you haven't set up the Webhooks channel, do so now. Instructions can be found in Chapter 3, Build an App to Find Cheap Airfares. You should also set up the Gmail channel. Once that is complete, we'll add a recipe to combine the two. Follow the steps to set up IFTTT:

  1. First, click New Applet from the IFTTT home page and then click +this. Then, search for the Webhooks channel:
  1. Select that, and then select Receive a web request:
  1. Then, ...

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