Chapter 1

Retirement Planning Is Up to You


Bullet Understanding the importance of retirement planning

Bullet Seeing how retirement planning has evolved

Bullet Discovering the new role for employers in retirement planning

Bullet Finding out how defined contribution plans have taken over pensions

Bullet Getting an understanding of why Social Security isn’t enough for a comfortable retirement

If you’re like most people, you want to retire someday. You might love your job and plan to work well into your 70s. Or maybe you’re part of the financial independence retire early (FIRE) crowd and want to escape your corporate ball-and-chain at 40 years old. The beauty of retirement planning is that the timing of your retirement could be up to you.

The goal of this book is to help you get excited about retirement planning. All too often, people are fearful of saving and investing for retirement. You might fear that you aren't saving enough or that you’ve started too late. Fear, I’ve found, isn’t a great motivator. ...

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