Author's Acknowledgments

Many thanks to Paul Levesque who worked so closely with me on this project, and thanks to Katie Feltman who headed up the project at Wiley. And to Andy Cummings who steers the For Dummies series, thanks. And, yes, thanks to copy editors Mary Lagu and Virginia Sanders. Also, thanks to Laura Lewin, agent at StudioB. Thanks, and thanks again to Jay Zimmerman and the speakers in the No Fluff, Just Stuff Symposium for opening my eyes to Ruby on Rails. And to Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo, who bridge the gap between Ruby and Java, thanks. Of course, Matt Kent, Kyle Shank, and Marc Baumbach, thanks for the use of RadRails, both inside and outside of this book. I extend thanks to Stefan Reichert with his Wicked Shell. To Francis Hwang and the members of the Ruby‐NYC group, I say thanks. Thanks indeed to Frank Greco and his New York Java Special Interest Group and to Mike Redlich and the gang at the Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey because without them I wouldn't know anything about object‐relational mapping. Thanks. And special thanks to Sam and Jennie, and of course, to Harriet, thanks I say thanks I will Thanks.

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