The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an excellent choice for your twenty-first century, mobile digital life. The tablet is a remarkable gizmo, one that’s capable of doing so much. Samsung packed a lot of potential into the device. One thing they didn’t pack were any instructions. Yes, despite its impressive power, the Galaxy Tab can be a confusing, intimidating piece of hardware.


You hold in your hand a great resource, companion, and guide to your Galaxy Tab. The purpose here is to help you get the most from your tablet, without scaring the bejeebers out of you.

About This Book

Still reading? Great! So few people bother with the introduction in any book that I’m amazed you bothered to keep going. Honestly, I could write down how to turn lead into gold in this paragraph and you’d be one of six people on the planet to ever read it. Count yourself fortunate. And handsome. I mean, why not?

This book is a reference. It’s written to help you get the most from your Galactic tablet. Each chapter covers a specific topic, and the sections in each chapter address an issue related to the topic. The overall idea is to show how to do things on the tablet and to help you get the most from it without overwhelming you with information or intimidating you into despair.

Sample sections in this book include

  • Making a home for the tablet
  • Touring the Home screen
  • Typing quickly by using predictive text
  • Placing a Skype phone call
  • Running Facebook on your tablet
  • Recording video
  • Turning lead ...

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