LIBNAME Statement Options

To associate a SAS libref with a Microsoft Excel workbook, use one of the following LIBNAME statements.
LIBNAME <libref><XLSX> <“physical-path-and-filename.xlsx”> <SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME-options>;
LIBNAME <libref> <CLEAR> | <_ALL_>;
LIBNAME <libref> <LIST> | <_ALL_>;
Note: The XLSX engine accepts either single or double quotation marks for physical-path-and-filename.xlsx.


is any SAS name that associates SAS with the SAS library where the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is stored. The association between a libref and a SAS library lasts only for the duration of the SAS session or until you change the libref or discontinue it with another LIBNAME statement.


is the SAS LIBNAME engine name for an XLSX ...

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