Select the best answer for each question. After completing the quiz, check your answers using the answer key in the appendix.
  1. Which PROC SQL query removes duplicate values of MemberType from the query output, so that only the unique values are listed?
    1. proc sql nodup;
         select membertype
            from certadv.frequentflyers;
    2. proc sql;
         select distinct(membertype) as MemberType
            from certadv.frequentflyers;
    3. proc sql;
         select unique membertype
            from certadv.frequentflyers
            group by membertype;
    4. proc sql;
         select distinct membertype
            from certadv.frequentflyers;
  2. Which of the following causes PROC SQL to list rows that have no data in the Address column?
    1. WHERE address is missing

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