Make the Most of Stand-Ups

“Hey, shouldn’t we have a stand-up?”

“Well, you know what I’m doing right now, don’t you?”

“Wait a second, this is a very complex bit. Can we do it in half an hour?”

“Where’s Jennifer?” “She’s in another meeting.”

“And Chris?” “He’s not in yet. It’s only ten o’clock!”

At TomTom International BV, I’m an ERO, an emergency response officer. That means I can do first aid and basic firefighting. So far the most exciting things I’ve done is evacuation trainings (which is pretty exciting in 10-story building with over a thousand people in it—fortunately, I’m not alone). Till today I was not needed for something serious, thankfully.

I do go to a refresher training twice a year and heard this story from a trainer once. ...

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