Appendix B Other Optional Extensions to the MIPS Instruction Set

B.1 MIPS16 and MIPS16e ASEs

MIPS16 is an optional instruction set extension that can reduce the size of binary programs by 30 percent to 40 percent. MIPS16e is the name for the slightly enhanced version of the original MIPS16 instruction set used on CPUs that already conform to MIPS32/64. MIPS16 is targeted at applications where code size is a major concern—which mostly means very low cost systems. While it will only be used in certain implementations, it is a multivendor standard: MIPS Technologies, LSI, NEC, and Philips have all produced CPUs that support MIPS16.

We said back in section 1.2 that what makes MIPS binaries larger than those for other architectures is not that MIPS ...

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