Chapter 1

Why Sound System Engineering?

by Don Davis

1.1  Prerequisites

1.2  Basic Electrical Training

1.3  Mathematics

1.4  Hearing Versus Listening

1.5  Craftsmanship

1.6  Rigging

1.7  Literacy

1.8  The Art, Philosophy, and Science of Sound

1.9  Fields


“Sound” has over the centuries been associated with human hearing (i.e.: “Is there a sound if a tree falls in the forest without a listener present?”) According to Webster, “The sensation perceived by the sense of hearing.” Also from Webster: “Audio, on the other hand, has largely been associated with electrical communication circuits.”

“System” is a word we use to describe any “experience cluster” that we can map as a set of interacting elements over time. Typically a system is mapped by identifying ...

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