16The Enigma Score

Start workforce planning and talent management in your business with Hiring Scorecards that help you avoid culture misfits.


In the past, I’ve made some really bad decisions as a hiring manager. With my previous business, I mishired people for our financial administration, three times in a row. The first hire didn’t start at all and just completely vanished, like a politician’s promises after election. The second person did get started, but she made such a mess of our finances that we were still scraping debits and credits off the walls two years after I finally fired her (which I obviously did far too late). The third hire also got started, and was actually competent, but he always prioritized other projects over ours, and thus could never really catch up. It was only with the fourth administrator that the team found their Finance Queen, who slowly but steadily cleaned up three years of my mismanagement.

I blame my misadventures as a hiring manager on the lack of a decent Recruitment Funnel, a good Hiring Scorecard, and effective Job Interviews. I always hired people who seemed likeable and competent. Sometimes, I was lucky; sometimes I wasn’t. With my current startup, I improved my approach because I was tired of hoping for the best. I decided to upgrade my hiring process and I suggest you do the same. Thoughts and prayers are only good for those who are ...

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